website models a new direction for American manufacturing & support services.  The model is in the form of a project for reshoring America’s $50 billion furniture industry offshored to China in the recent Furniture Wars.  The image below is a 1,000 ft. helicopter view of the entire furniture industry reshoring project.   A prime objective for the new direction in American manufacturing is to achieve the dominating production efficiency & cyber security of 24/7 digital workforce administration.

The web site’s text blocks & illustrations are organized vertically (top to bottom on each consecutive page) then horizontally (pages 1 thru 9).    The wall hanger alternative gives you the BIG picture of the furniture reshoring project in a single take.  It also gives you the BIGGER picture of furniture reshoring being a model for a new direction in American manufacturing & support services.  Page 9 bulleted texts reveal common requirements across enterprises & industries for transitioning from traditional to 24/7 digital workforce administration.  The importance you will attach to this content will have to do with your global view.  The global view behind this effort is that America’s Constitutional Republic is on a path for greater economic pressure than ever before – certainly in the lifetime of anyone living – but perhaps even in the Republic’s history.  Ecotomic has created a more potent commercial (economic) offense with the thought that it a) creates a new source of new wealth that America needs lest America’s influence & security be diminished due to insufficient financial resources, b) changes commercial manufacturing competition from the contest against which our international adversaries/competitors have been winning to a contest in which they cannot win & c) enables diminishing the impact of the ever increasing business risks.  In terms of pure power the objective is to create a commercial offense the power equal of America’s military offense – offensive strikes cannot be prevented & adversaries/competitors cannot respond in kind.  Any measure of strength less than described leaves room for the continuing erosion of America’s wealth that has been a matter of record for several decades past.